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FireMate® Plastic Fire Extinguisher Stand

FireMate® Plastic Fire Extinguisher Stand

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Introducing Firemate by Goria Corporation: Your Ultimate Safety Ally! 

Meet Firemate, the ultimate solution in fire safety storage. More than just a stand, it's a fortress for your fire extinguishers, accommodating 5-, 10-, and 20-pound units with unmatched security and style.

Universal Security: Firemate doesn't discriminate; it embraces fire safety in all sizes. From the compact 5-pounder to the robust 20-pounder, Firemate securely cradles your extinguishers, providing a universal home for your safety arsenal.

Built for Strength: Engineered by Goria Corporation, Firemate is more than just a stand; it's a stronghold. Crafted with robust materials, it ensures that your fire extinguishers are not only housed but shielded in times of need.

Swift Accessibility: In an emergency, every second counts. Firemate ensures that your extinguishers are not just stored but readily accessible, empowering your team to respond with speed and precision.

Versatile Design: Choose the stand that fits your style. Firemate comes in a range of designs and finishes, ensuring it seamlessly integrates into your workspace while enhancing its aesthetics.

From 5 to 20 Pounds, We've Got You Covered: Firemate is the versatile solution that adapts to your safety needs. No matter the size, your fire extinguisher has found its home in a stand that prioritizes security without compromising on style.

Secure Your Workspace: Elevate your safety standards with Firemate by Goria Corporation. It's not just a stand; it's the embodiment of a secure and organized fire safety strategy.

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